Welcome to Only Way Vacations

We are the tourism division of Caribbean Business INC, an American company based in Miami Beach, Florida, with business in the real estate and automotive sector in Latin American countries. Our organization is made up of a group of experienced professionals with the benefits that can only be provide large organizations and personalized treatment of small travel agencies served by their owners.

This original feature makes our service innovative and efficient, with a common vision:

“Being leaders in providing services

personalized and quality tourist ”

At Only Way Vacations we are convinced that the quality of services we provide is our most competitive tool.

Foreseeing the signs of the current times and adapting to the changing demands of the tourism market, we created a business unit with an innovative methodology to which we added a strong investment in technology and training.

We differentiate ourselves thanks to the excellence of our products, our competitive prices and the professionalism of our staff. We have more than 25 groups that sell all types of tourism services, either retail or wholesale, that is why our staff is composed of 150 people (divided into specialized departments in all types of management), our structure allows us to generate an internal dynamism of confidence, solidity and efficiency that in turn reduces the times in the delivery of the material to our passengers and have long-standing professionals, prepared to advise on all types of trips around the world.

We are also united by the same vocation of service, the encouragement to develop a task that we like and a style of work based on professionalism and efficiency.

We recognize the value of time and importance

to provide a quality service.

Only Way Vacations was born as a conventional tourism company, but with a business vision focused on the reality of the international tourism market.

Today Only Way Vacations is among the 5 TOP agencies based in Florida according to the national ranking, and our continued growth, added to the technological, human and training development, support our positioning.

Our high sales volumes allow us to access better and more competitive conditions, which is reflected in a maximization of quality and privileged costs for our customers.

We are a different travel agency, which offers you all the alternatives for your pleasure trip, business, sports, ecological and adventure tourism, for the organization of congresses and conventions, corporate trips and business incentive travel plans.

By establishing this contact, you receive our commitment to develop interpersonal relationships based on trust and operational excellence as we have been doing up to the present, each of us will also receive the sum of the benefits that our union enhances.